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were jewish? >> plus zsh sean penn. he's jacked. >> growth hormone! >> why you guys think any man shave sd cheat something >> i drink like a fish and i'm in great shape. >> coming up -- >> mike dee from the beastie boys. >> do you think broadway is ready for mususususususususususs >> "tmz" art history mystery presents, the kardashian code. ♪ amen >> and what the hell? >> scott disick posted a photo on instagram over the weekend, himself and the whole family -- >> what the hell is this called again? >> the last supper. >> the last supper. >> oh, my god! >> who painted it? >> michelangelo? >> no, leonardo. not the turtle, the guy. got it? cool. anyway, analysis. we have got featured prominently in the place of jesus christ. to his right baby mama kourtney kardashian super-imposed over the image of -- >> that's better. >> no, kim is second from the left. kidding! but seated next to her -- >> he added kris humphries in there. >> that's the best part of the whole picture! >> no, no, no. the best part of the whole picture is that he didn't make kris humphries judas. he made kendall jenner j
is marcus easley, number 81, he has not played a lot. he will probably get some more. >> chick: and the sean powell. powell with the punt of 48 yards. we'll take a timeout here and pat white now back here ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing live tv from southwest. now you can turn your device into your television. try it for free today, only on southwest airlines. on the air. in the air. with live tv. >> chick: virginia 529 is prout to be the official college savings plan of the washington redskins. save today and save on the higher expenses of college. visit virginia for more details and that is deangelo hall, giving his mom a little birthday kiss. and a little cake, too. nothing wrong with that. >> joe: dehall. >> chick: not bad. false start by tom compton. >>> neutral zone i >> reporter: let's check in now one more time with ken harvey who has kirk cousins standing by. >> ken: first thing, people want to know how bad the foot is? >> it's going well. i hope to get back into practice this week. ance once i get healthy, it's up to the coach. >> you know you have a secure job a
change it to puffy, puff daddy, or p. diddy. they all available. sean's not using any of them. >> look here. actually, none of that matter. you could change your name to hong kong phooey... no offense, little geisha girl. >> you got one more time. >> look. if petey wants to lean on the government hard enough, he'll give you up just like that. hear that? you hear that? >> what, what? get down! >> aah! >> what's wrong?! >> it's petey! come here, man! >> no, no, no, no, no! >> he in here! he in here! petey want to see you. >> no! >> psyche. [ laughs ] >> see, you always got jokes. >> i know. it's my store. >> hey, baby, wait. you have to be careful now. slow down. >> auntie! >> stay back! get back! you can't be jumping on her like that. she just came from the hospital. >> hey. >> come on, baby. >> here, babe. >> did you get a shot? >> yeah. what happened? >> y'all got to stay back because she's a little sore. right here, baby. here's the seat. >> thank you. >> go on and sit down. >> curtis! oh, god. curtis, would you... >> you okay? >> don't touch me! don't touch me. >> i knew she got a s
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3